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We focus on a comprehensive understanding of
the basic principles of Nature and Human Society.

- Yuheng Li, a 3rd year doctor student, received the Outstanding Student Presentation Award from the Japan Geoscience Union.
- Daisuke Tokuda, Project Assistant Professor, received the Outstanding Discussion Award from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
- Daisuke Tokuda, Project Assistent Professor, received the Encouragement Prize from the Annual Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
- The local media reported on the field survey and discussion with the residents in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture by Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Daisuke Tokuda and his students. It was also published as a topic on the top page of the School of Engineering, UTokyo (link)
- Mr. Soma Okuda, a 1st year master student, won the Young Scientist Presentation Award at the 24th Experimental Social Science Conference.
- Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Daisuke Tokuda was awarded the Best Presentation Award at the Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources / Japan Society of Hydrological Sciences 2021 Research Conference
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  Prof. Taikan OKI HP
  (Visiting) Prof. Naota HANASAKI HP
  Senior Research Fellow Masashi KIGUCHI HP
  S. A. Assoc. Prof. Hyungjun KIM  
  Assis. Prof. Kanon KINO  
  Assis. Prof. Masashi MINAMIDE  
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