GaME-T : GEOSS ana MAHASRI Experiment in Tropics
(Former GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment - Tropics 2nd Phase


GAME-T is under an umbrella of Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) and GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment (GAME).

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What's New

[2004 Nov.]
The 6th International Study Confernce on GEWEX in Asia and GAME will be held at Kyoto, a famous historical city in Japan, from Dec. 3rd to 5th. Detailed information is available at the conference's Website.

[2004 Aug 30]
A seminar on hydroinformatics will be held on September 10th, at Kasaetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. The name of that seminar is "Seminar On Hydro-Informatics Membrane System in 21st Century through Utilization, Delineation and Implementation". The preliminary program is distributed in PDF Format

[2004 Apr 24]
An research article on Kog-Ma Experiment Forest written by Dr. Hashimoto, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan was published. See English Publication Page for detail.

[2003 Dec 26]
A symposium was held by Japanese GAME-T(2) researchers on Dec 20, 2003 at Yokohama, Japan. Reports oand discussion on recent hydromet observation activities in Thailand. This Web (in Japanese) describes the summary and each speaker's presentation materials.

[2003 Oct 16]
More Information on the International Symposium on the Climate System of Asian Monsoon and its Iteraction with Society. (a former name was GAME-T workshop)
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It is necessary to read this.

[2003 Aug 14]
A seminar on Modeling will be held at Kasetsart University on 20th Aug.. Information and document are here.

[2003 July 22]
A session "Water and Energy Cycles in Asia Pacific Region" will be planned within APHW2004 in conjunction with the 1st AOGS annual meeting which will be held in the summer (July 5-8?9?) of 2004 at Singapore. Details will be shown here on this site. Convenors are Prof. Katumi Musiake (Fukushima University) and Prof. Nipon Tangthum (Kasetsart University).

[2003 July 7]
The first circular of the International Symposium on the Climate System of Asian Monsoon and its Iteraction with Society. Let's see here (PDF). The name has changed from Workshop to Symposium. The Symposium will be held at 11th-13th November 2003 in conjunction with GISP.
As information, the past 2002 GAME-T Workshop in Chiang Rai was described here.

[2003 Mar. 11]
Workshop recommendations of GAME-T Workshop in Chain Rai was finalized. Now you can download/view the finally accepted version of the recommendations at ChiangRai Workshop Document Archive.

[2002 June 24]
GAME-Tropics Data CD-ROM was published. This is the fourth Data CD-ROM published through GAME activities.

Contact address : DB Manager (Japan) and NRCT foreign affair division (Thailand).

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