Global Water Resource Data Archive


In 2000, Mr. Saruhashi (Master course student in our labo) made his master thesis which deals global water resource. This archive contains his achievement (data, table and figures) as well as updated analysis results after his graduation.

Basically he calculated river discharge globally in 0.5degree x 0.5degree grid cells by using TRIP(river network dataset), STRIP( river flow calculation program using TRIP) and GSWP result of runoff from each grid cells.

Moreover, the withdrawal by agriculture, industry and urban life was estimated for 0.5*0.5 grid cells globally.

Then these two results are compared to investigate region where water resource is in high stress.

Moreover, using GCM x2CO2 experiment result and population growth scinario, the same estimation was performed for 2050 situation.

Original full text of his master thesis (in Japanese) is opened to public by PDF. But please be careful since the file size is more than 50MB...

Related references:

programs and file format

  1. programs and file format
  2. File Name Convention and Metadata

Used Data

  1. Base Map
  2. Global Grid
    1. CIESIN population dataF 2.5-minC 0.5-degC

  3. country-based data
    1. UN Population projection, Rev. 2002

  4. drainage-basin-based data

Calculation result for 1995

  1. Global Grid
    1. Monthly
      1. Runoff from each grid cells
      2. Irrigation water demand of each grid cells estimated by global EPIC (by Dr. Tan)
      3. Irrigation water requirement estimated by global EPIC (by Dr. Tan), version 20021007b
    2. Annual
      1. Annual Discharge etc.
      2. Artificial Water Supply
      3. Water Use
      4. Water Stress(GSWP1)
      5. Water Stress(GSWP2)
  2. Drainage-basin-based
    1. Annual
      1. Water Use
  3. Country-based

Other files

  1. CPT files
  2. 0.5 degree TRIP data