Global Water Resource Archive : Annual River Discharge

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  1. Ave. of 9 LSMs Output (GSWP Average (except for MESO), Height of Runoff, mm/yr) :
  2. LSM Output (Discharge, 106m3/yr) :
  3. TRIP River Discharge (106m3) and height of runoff(mm. Area is obtained from Oki-Kanae method):
  4. Change in River Discharge by double CO2(106m3: 2060 - 1990
  5. Estimated 2050 river discharge
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  6. TRIP River Discharge per capita (m3/person)
  7. Sigma-D : discharge from upstream (106m3/year)
  8. Available River Discharge at each alpha


LSM output Runoff (GSWP)

In mm/year:

In 106m3/gridcell/year:

River discharge estimated from above LSM runoff and TRIP

Discharge : Unit is 106m3/year.

Height of Runoff : Unit is mm/year. Drainage Area is calculated by Oki-Kanae Method (See Basemap)

Change in River Discharge by Double CO2 (CCSR/NIES AGCM)

Difference in GCM-calculated river discharge between double CO2 state and present(1990). Unit is 106m3/year. This is NOT the difference between GCM output and observation.

Ratio of GCM-calculated river discharge under double CO2 state to that of present(1990) state. Unitless. For gridcells where GCM river discharge in present condition is zero, the ratio is not calculated (filled with missing_value). This is NOT the difference between GCM output and observation.

Estimated river dischrage at 2050

Currently we are re-estimating future (2050 or 2060) river flow. There are mainly two methods: Q(future) = Q(now) + δQ (difference in Q. shown above) and Q(future) = Q(now) * f (ratio of Q, shown above))

River Discharge per capita

Unit is m3/person/year. TRIP version population data was used for 1995 calculation.

1995 2050
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Unit is 106m3/year.

Available River Discharge for each Alpha

Unit is 106m3/year.