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Publications in English

Papers, books, abstracts in English:
[Papers and Abstracts 2006-2010] Papers and Abstracts published in 2006-2018.
[Papers and Abstracts 2001-2005] Papers and Abstracts published in 2001-2005.
[Papers and Abstracts 1996-2000] Papers and Abstracts published in 1996-2000.
[Papers and Abstracts 1991-1995] Papers and Abstracts published in 1991-1995.
Refer publications also by Researcher ID at http://www.researcherid.com/rid/E-5778-2010.


Professional Interests


Welcome to the home page of Taikan Oki, at a laboratory for Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo. He is involved in or related to:



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