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Routine observation raingauges in Japan and Korea

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raingauge stations around Laos


  • Blue Stars : GAME activity sites(See List)
  • Dark-Blue Stars : GAME-T raingauges
  • Skyblue circles : TMD stations (3-hourly and hourly, See List)
  • Light-Gray diamonds : TMD agromet stations (daily, See List)
  • Dark red circles : TMD stations (hourly, See List)
  • Green triangles with black rim: RID stations (Daily. Data available for more than 15 years. See List).
  • Green small circles : Other RID stations (daily and 3-hourly. See List).
  • Skyblue and Violet squares : Countries other than Thailand

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Other Information


Data Policy of Whole GAME
From GAIN-HUB WWW Site. Strategy, guideline for data exchange etc.
Data Collection Plan
From The Implementation Plan of GAME-Tropics draft in 1996, by Japanese sub-comittee on GAME-T.
GAME-T Observations at a glance
A 32KB GIF image showing observation schedule by Prof. Oki
GAME-T/Thailand/Chao Phraya Observing Stations
A 24KB GIF image showing a map of observation stations made by Prof. Oki (See also new black-and-white version).
Summary of GAME-T Data Plan
From AMON(Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter), VOL. 1, NO. 4 (September 1997). Brief introduction of GAME-T data management strategy by Prof. Oki

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