Developed by Qiuhong Tang

Distributed Biosphere-Hydrological Model System

The University of Tokyo

As a research model, documentation for DBH model is limited and subject to change. However, the goal of the documentation is to enable users to implement the model system without direct assistance from the model developer. If you find that the documentation does not match what the model does, if certain features are undocumented, or if you would like to add documentation based on your own experience, please contact the model developer.


DBH Tutorial

A tutorial is available for DBH model system. It includes all input files required to run DBH, as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions. Unfortunately, no any further instructions on running the model can provide at this time.


Describe the input files for a DBH model application. Please note that many input files are created using GIS software such as ArcInfo/ArcMAp and advanced skills are required.

Model Input Files

Process the input files. The supported global datasets are described here. The model parameters are set.

Processing of Input Files

There are a number of different types of output that the model can produce. If the observations are set as input, validation of the simulation is output.

Model Output Files

Show a example to analysis output files.

Processing of Output Files (examples)

Extra documentation related to processing input files, output files, create maps, etc.

Additional Components

Q. Tang, T. Oki, and S. Kanae