Course: Advanced Hydrology



Lecturers:   Pat Yeh

Hours: Thursday, 1:30pm-3:10pm

Venue:  @ As 311 Komaba II Campus


June 2: As313

July 21: An403


Email:  Pat YEH (


Recommended Textbook


Brutsaert, Wilfred, 2005, “Hydrology: An Introduction”, Cambridge Univ. Press  (both Japanese and English version are available)


Reference Textbooks:

1.     Dingman, 2002, Physical Hydrology, Prentice-Hall, Inc. 

2.     Chow, V.T., D.R. Maidment, and L.W. Mays, 1988, Applied Hydrology, McGraw-Hill Book Company.




60%   Term Project

(Final Presentation (30%), Written Report (30%))

40%   Lecture Attendance


·       2011 Syllabus

·        2011 Term Project List

·        2011 Student List


Lecture Topics and Dates:


1.                 Hydrological cycle and Water Balance (Yeh)                          May / 12   

o        Basic Definition and Terms

o        Global and Regional Hydrological Cycle and Water Balance

o        Surface/Subsurface Hydrological Processes in a Basin

o        Global Energy Balance


2.                 Infiltration (Yeh)                                                                               May / 19 

o        Infiltration capacity

o        Horton’s infiltration model

o        Green-Ampt equation

o        Philip equation


1.                 Unsaturated-zone Processes (Yeh)                                            May / 26                   

o        Porosity, Soil moisture content, Relative saturation, Field capacity, Wilting point

o        Gravity force vs. Capillary force

o        Richards Equation


2.                 Runoff and River Flow (Yeh)                                                         June / 2    

o        Runoff Generation mechanisms, River flow routing

o        Unit Hydrograph and Storm hydrograph

o        Hydrograph separation and Baseflow recession

o        Geomorphology


3.                 Groundwater (Yeh)                                                                           June / 9                    

o        Darcy’s Law

o        Regional groundwater aquifer

o        Groundwater equation, Analytical and numerical solutions


4.                 Remote Sensing of Water Quality (Oki K.)                                June / 16

o        Principles of remote sensing

o        Case I water and case II Water

o        Chlorophyll, Suspended Solids


5.                 Water Quality (Oki K.)                                                                      June / 23

o        River Basin

o        Pollution load such as nitrogen and phosphorus

o        Mapping the Potential Annual Pollution Load in the River Basins


6.                 Precipitation, Water Vapor, Cloud, Snow (Seto)                     June / 30

o        Cloud and Precipitation

o        Cloud microphysics

o        Statistical characteristics of precipitation rate

o        Rain gauge


7.                 Remote Sensing in Hydrology (Seto)                                           July / 7

o        Rain drop size distribution

o        Weather radar

o        Global precipitation maps


8.                 Atmospheric circulations (Yoshimura)                                        July / 14

o        Dynamic motion of Atmosphere; momentum equations and Coriolis force

o        Hadley/Ferrel/Polar circulations and Walker circulations


9.                 Evapotranspiration processes (Yoshimura)                              July / 21

o        Albedo and Bowen ratio

o        Penman equation and Penman-Montieth equation

o        Big-leaf models


10.            Isotope Hydrology (Yoshimura)                                                    July / 28

o        Stable water isotopes and isotopic fractionation

o        Rayleigh’s Distillation Process

o        Spacio/temporal distributions of precipitation water isotopes


11.            Final Project Presentation I (All Lectures)                                Aug / 4


12.            Final Project Presentation II (TBD, if necessary)                    Aug / 11