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Welcome to Atsushi Okazaki's page

Atsushi Okazaki is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Environment and Disaster Prevention Sciences, Hirosaki University, Japan.
His research interests are in stable water isotopes modeling and data assimilation for hydrology, weather prediction, and paleoclimate.

News / Upcoming Talks

  • Upcoming Talks:
    • Three talks at AGU22; Okazaki et al., Kino et al., Bong et al.
    • Okazaki, A., Observation Error Estimation for Climate Proxies with Innovation Statistics, DA Seminar, RIKEN R-CCS, Kobe, Japan, 14 Nov. 2022.
    • Kino, K., Okazaki, A., Cauquoin, A., Yoshimura, K., Contribution of the Southern Annular Mode to Variations in Water Isotopes of Daily Precipitation at Dome Fuji, East Antarctica, 3rd IPICS Open Science Conference, 3rd IPICS Open Science Conference, Crans-Montana, Switzerland, 2-7 Oct. 2022.
    • Okazaki, A. and Yoshimura, K., Paleoclimate Reconstruction with Isotope-Enabled GCM and Proxy System Models, IsoNet 2022, Virtual Seminar, 6 Oct. 2022.
    • 岡崎淳史、データ同化とイノベーション統計を用いた古気候復元 と気候プロキシに含まれる誤差の推定、日本地球化学第69回年会、高知、7-9 Sep 2022. (Invited)
    • 小槻峻司、Mao Ouyang、岡崎淳史、徳田慶太、小林亮太、小蔵正輝、薄良彦、稲村友彦、岡本幸三、気象制御の実現に向けた制御容易性・被害低減効果の定量化に関する初期検討、水文・水資源学会/日本水文科学会 2022年度研究発表会、 2022年9月.
    • Miyoshi, T., Wu, T.-C., Terasaki, K., Liang, J., Ohishi, S., Otsuka, S., Kotsuki, S., Okazaki, S., Tomita, H., Chen, Y-W., Kanemaru, K., Satoh, M., Yashiro, H., Okamoto, K., Kalnay, E., Kubota, T., Kachi, M., Advances and applications of satellite data assimilation of clouds, precipitation, and the ocean, JpGU2022, May 2022.
    • Cauquoin, A., Werner, M., Shoji, S., Okazaki, A., Yoshimura, K., Lohmann, G., and Jungclaus, J., Transient simulation of the past 2000 years with the isotope-enabled coupled model MPI-ESM-wiso, JpGU2021, May 2022.
    • Kino, K., Okazaki, A., Cauquoin, A., Yoshimura, K., Impacts of Intermittent Precipitation Events on Reconstructed Last Glacial Maximum Surface Temperature from Water Isotope Signals in Dome Fuji Ice Cores, JpGU2021, May 2022.
  • Awarded “Hirosaki University Outstanding Young Tehsis Award” (10/21/2022)
  • Will attend Uncertainty quantification in models and data, 30th PMIP anniversary as a panelist on 3 Dec. 2021.
  • Our research achievement was introduced by a newspaper!
  • A press release about GPR was published (07/07/21)
  • start working at Hirosaki University as an assistant professor (03/01/21)

Contact Information

Phone: +81-172-39-3543
3 Bunkyo-cho, Hirosaki, Aomori, 036-8560, Japan

7-1-26 Minatojima-minami-machi Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047, Japan

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