Global Hydrology : past, present and future

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This is a set of presentation resource I used in the seminar of natural history of Koizumi Laboratory, Tokyo Gakugei Univ. on June 29, 2001. I used 25 sheets in the presentation. All of them are also published. The URLs referred in the sheet are as follows :

Global Land Atmosphere System Study : GLASS
Global Soil Wetness Project : GSWP
Global Energy and Water cycle Experiment: GEWEX
GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment : GAME
GAME-T DataCenter (安形管理)
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature : RIHN (in Japanese : "総合地球環境学研究所")
Press Release in Japanese : Global soil moisture distribution was successfully detected from Satellite remote sensing ! (in Japanese ) ( 記者発表資料「熱帯の雨を測る衛星で土壌水分が観測された」)

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