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Intensive rawinsonde observation was carried out at EGAT Tower site (99'25'47.5''E, 16'56'23.5''N after GPS measurement in Nov. 2000) by Tsukuba Univ. group, led by Dr. Sugita. This file archives their data. The original data source is Anonymous FTP Site in Tsukuba Univ, Japan.


Data Type DescriptionIntensive Sonde Observation at EGAT Tower
Type Boundary Layer Observation Data
Period Type-
HoldingInternational Data Resource
Process LevelLevel 2 (Station Data)
QC LevelQC 1?
Access LimitationFor any research purpose
  1. Height(MSL) (m)
  2. P (hPa)
  3. T (degC)
  4. RH (%)
  5. Dewpoint (degC)
  6. Wind Dir (deg)
  7. Wind Speed (m/s)
  8. Ascent (m/s)
  9. Range
  10. Position
  11. Gill Sonic Anemometer Data (U',V',W', Sonic Temp, Absolute Temp. Raw Sensor Data(Temp., Humidity)
Spatial Range Point/Points/GridPoint
Location/ExtentEGAT Tower Site
Temporal Range Period From Feb. 15, 1999 to Mar. 3, 1999
IntervalSonde flights was 3 to 7 times per day. Data interval (during sonde flights) is 5 secs (10Hz for Gill Sonic).
LT / UTC???
Time Difference (LT - UTC)+0700
Contact Person
(See the list of contact persons for detail)
Prof. Sugita, M.

XML Metadata File


Data Format for Sonde Data (90*.dat)

*  daily log book :::::::: radiosonde observation :::::::
*	place: EGAt tower 16 deg 58.38 min N, 99deg 25.78 min E, 121 m
*	folder name convention: YMMDD+a, b, c, d, e, f... 
*                         (e.g. 90215b=2nd flight of 1999/2/15)
*	Meteorological ground data: 
*		P from PAM or P@90m (of CR10)-10 hPa
*		Ta (deg) &RH (%) Univ. Kyoto asman type psychrometer
*		V (knots), WD (deg) from PAM or SAT @90 m
*                     V@2m=V@90mx(ln2/z0)/(ln(90/z0)=V@90mx0.22 (for z0=0.7m)
*                     V@2m (knots)=v@2m (m/s)* 2 ::: V (knots)=0.44*V@90m (m/s)
*	PAM stopped operation from 2/17->
*	GILL sonic raw data acquisition started on 2/19
*	PAM CR10 data acquisition started on 2/20

File Format of Gill Sonic Anemometer (PDF)
Introduction of file-format of Gill Sonic Anemomter Data written by Prof. Sugita, Tsukuba Univ.

See also: EGAT Tower flux observation

Data Contents

List of Flights and Data
List of flights in 1999 and links to the raw data files.
It was converted from text document by Dr. Sugita.
Whole Files Archive
This dataset contains a lot of files. You can obtain all files in compressed form.

Other Information

Remote Sensing Data and Images around EGAT Tower Site, Thailand
A comprehensive WWW resource which Dr. Nishida of Tsukuba University, Japan, maintains.


Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
The Official WWW site of EGAT
KoFlux Site Information of EGAT Tower
From 2002, KoFlux (Korea Flux Network) members will maintain EGAT-Tower site. This is the site information document in their official Web Page.
Photo of EGAT Tower
From GAME-AAN project WWW resource.


Data Policy of Whole GAME
From GAIN-HUB WWW Site. Strategy, guideline for data exchange etc.
Data Collection Plan
From The Implementation Plan of GAME-Tropics draft in 1996, by Japanese sub-comittee on GAME-T.
GAME-T Observations at a glance
A 32KB GIF image showing observation schedule by Prof. Oki
GAME-T/Thailand/Chao Phraya Observing Stations
A 24KB GIF image showing a map of observation stations made by Prof. Oki (See also new black-and-white version).
Summary of GAME-T Data Plan
From AMON(Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter), VOL. 1, NO. 4 (September 1997). Brief introduction of GAME-T data management strategy by Prof. Oki

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