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[GAIN and Other DAACs]

The center of whole GAME data archive.
CD-ROM Publication of GAME
Publication List of all dataset CD-ROM/DVD-ROM published under whole GAME projects. GAME-T CD-ROMs are included, off course. Nov17 2003 New
From IHAS(Institute for Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences, Nagoya Univ., Japan) WWW Site.
DAAC at Univ. of Tsukuba
From WWW site of Terrestrial Environment Research Center , Tsukuba Univ., Japan.
GAME-4DDA Reanalysis DataCenter
From WWW site of GAIN-Hub. You can obtain all GAME-4DDA reanalysis data from there!
GAME-Tibet Data Catalogue
From WWW site of GAME-Tibet. You can obtain all POP and IOP observation data from there!
GAME-AAN Data Center
From WWW site of GAME-AAN. You can browse the map of all AAN stations and some dataset (including EGAT-tower(named 'TAK'), Sukhothai and Kog-ma stations).
Currently 1998 datasets are freely available for world-wide academic usage, and 1999 datasets are opened only to AAN-participate scientists (password proteced). When using this dataset, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THEIR DATA POLICY and follow the regulation.
GAME-HUBEX Data Center
From WWW site of GAME-HUBEX. You can obtain field observation data and satellite datasets from there!
GAME-T ChaoPhraya
A website which aims for integrated water resource management of Chao Phraya River by using GAME-T DB and modeling. This is site is maintained by Researchers in Kasetsart Univ. ,Thailand(Professor Nipon). Written mainly in Thai (and sometimes English).
2003. Aug. 23 New


GEWEX/GAME introduction on WWW. From HyARC( Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center , Nagoya Univ., Japan)'s WWW site.
GEWEX is abbreviation of "Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment". It is one of programs initiated by WCRP (see below link). It aims to clarify the water and energy cycle of whole earth, including atomosphere, land surface and ocean.
WCRP is abbreviation of "World Climate Research Programme". It was established in 1980 by the support of ICSU(International Council for Science) and WMO (World Meteorological Organization. See below link). It operates several major projects concerning atomospheric science, hydrology, climatology, ocean science and all related geo-sciences. GEWEX is one of such projects.
WMO, the World Meteorological Organization, is indeed very important orginization for world climate studies.

[Other Activities on asian-pacific hydrology and meteorology]

KoFlux ( Korea Flux Network) aims for making measurment network of surface flux by tower over Asia. EGAT-Tower site is one of their study sites.
Website of Asian Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources (APHW). The first International Conference on Hydrology and Water Resources in Asia Pacific Region (APHW2003) will be held at Kyoto, Japan on March 2003.
UNESCO/IHP for SE Asia and Pacific / FRIEND
Website of International Hydrological Panel (IHP) for Southeast Asia and the Pacific and FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data Sets) project.
Asian Pacific FRIEND's Water Data Archive
Hydrological dataset structure consisted by loosely linked national nodes in some countries.
Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period conducted by Prof. Koike, Tokyo Univ., Japan. Among many observation activities, several surface flux measurement sites are established in Southeastern Asia.
One of the FLUXNET regional flux measurement networks.
Mekong River Comission
An international comission for better management of Mae Kong River. The headquarter is located at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You can order excellent dataset yearbook from publication list page
Southeast Asia START Regional Centre
START is an international research/training activity, the name of which is abbr. of "SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training". Southeast Asia START Regional Center (SEA START RC) is located on Bangkok, Thailand. This site contains useful data/metadata such as satelite images.


National Research Council of Thailand
The Official WWW site of NRCT


Thailand Meteorological Department
The Official WWW site of TMD


Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
The Official WWW site of EGAT
KoFlux Site Information of EGAT Tower
From 2002, KoFlux (Korea Flux Network) members will maintain EGAT-Tower site. This is the site information document in their official Web Page.
Photo of EGAT Tower
From GAME-AAN project WWW resource.


Royal Irrigation Department
The Official WWW site of RID


Royal Forest Department
The Official WWW site of RFD, Thailand


BMS is abbreviation of "The Brunei Meteorological Service". This is an authorized weather service organization in Brunei.


Department of Meteorology, Cambodia.


China Meteorological Administration
Chinese official organization measuring weather in and around China.


India Meteorological Department
Meteorological service by Indian orginazation.


BMG is abbreviation of "Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika ". This is an authorized weather service organization in Indonesia.


Japan Meteorological Agency
Japanese governmental organization who has the responsibility of measuring weather, earthquake and volcanic phenomena.
Meteorological Research Institute
JMA's research section (institute) located at Tsukuba, Japan. GAME/GAME-2 data archives have been compiled by Mr. Takahashi in this institute.


Korea Meteorological Administration
Korean official organization measuring weather in and around Korea.


Malaysian Meteorological Service
"Perkhidmatan Kajicuaca Malaysia" in Malay Language. The portal site of Malaysian weather observation network.
Star Online Weather
Real-time weather forecasts for Malaysia.


Department of Hydrology and Meteorology
Official site of Nepal governmental hydrological and meteorological office.


"PAGASA" is abbreviation of Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration.

[Taiwan Island]

Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan Island


Data Policy of Whole GAME
From GAIN-HUB WWW Site. Strategy, guideline for data exchange etc.
Data Collection Plan
From The Implementation Plan of GAME-Tropics draft in 1996, by Japanese sub-comittee on GAME-T.
GAME-T Observations at a glance
A 32KB GIF image showing observation schedule by Prof. Oki
GAME-T/Thailand/Chao Phraya Observing Stations
A 24KB GIF image showing a map of observation stations made by Prof. Oki (See also new black-and-white version).
Summary of GAME-T Data Plan
From AMON(Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter), VOL. 1, NO. 4 (September 1997). Brief introduction of GAME-T data management strategy by Prof. Oki

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