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Recently GPS (global positioning system) is used to detect prcipitable water amount in atomosphere. Some researchers have been carrying out GPS observation in GAME-T region.


GPS Observation in Thailand outside of GAME-T WWW Site
Comprehensive WWW resource on GPS observation in Thailand. You can obtain information on GPS itself, daily data and quicklooks with other useful information. By Dr. Nakaegawa, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan.
GPS Observation Data Archive in Thailand
This directory contains two datasets. [1] Copy of Dr. Nakaegawa's daily GPS precipitable water data (original site is shown above) and [2] 3-hourly ZTD and PWV data provided by Prof. Satomura, Shizuoka Univ., Japan. 2002 June 10 New!

Other Information outside


Data Policy of Whole GAME
From GAIN-HUB WWW Site. Strategy, guideline for data exchange etc.
Data Collection Plan
From The Implementation Plan of GAME-Tropics draft in 1996, by Japanese sub-comittee on GAME-T.
GAME-T Observations at a glance
A 32KB GIF image showing observation schedule by Prof. Oki
GAME-T/Thailand/Chao Phraya Observing Stations
A 24KB GIF image showing a map of observation stations made by Prof. Oki (See also new black-and-white version).
Summary of GAME-T Data Plan
From AMON(Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter), VOL. 1, NO. 4 (September 1997). Brief introduction of GAME-T data management strategy by Prof. Oki

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Dataset Manager : Dr. AGATA, Yasushi, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan (

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