Old What's New

[2003 Mar. 27]
A presentation material was provided from Prof. Matsumoto, Univ. Tokyo, Japan, who made a lecture at TMD, Bangkok. The presentation title was "Monsoon system study in GAME-T Project" and he permitted to publish his files. Visit document archive for detail.

[2003 Mar. 18]
A new research article about Kog-Ma observation was accepted by Journal of Geographical Research, the authors reported. The authors are Dr. TANAKA Katsunori, Japan et al. and the title is "Transpiration Peak over a Hill Evergreen Forest in Northern Thailand in the Late Dry Season: Assessing the Seasonal Changes in Evapotranspiration using a Multi-Layer Model". See also publication list.

[2002 Dec. 20-21]
A new document archive folder containing some documents related to on GAME-T and hydrometeorological studies in Thailand and Southeast Asia held at ChiangRai, Thailand, on Oct 29-31 was established.

[2002 Nov. 26]
A new article about EGAT tower (TAK tower) observation result was accepted by Journal of Geophysical Research. The reference is :
Toda, M. and M. Sugita, 2003: Single Level Turbulent Measurements to Determine Roughness Parameters of Complex Terrain, J. Geophysical Res--Atmosphere.
See also publication list.

[2002 Nov. 7]
GISP (GAME International Science Panel) was held at NASDA/EORC, Tokyo, Japan. From GAME-T2 community, 3 officers from NRCT, 2 officers from RID, 4 members from Japan Subcomitte on GAME-T2 attended. Japanese participant stated that data collection activities should be done also in GAME-2 and their request was basically accepted.

[2002 Nov. 1]
"Advanced seminar on hydrology, meteorology, climatology and water resources studies for Thailand" was held at Gem Research and Testing Building, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. More than 10 lecturers presented current status and hope for future of their field.
[2002 Nov.19]
Document archive of this seminar was established.

[2002 Oct. 31]
GAME-T2 Workshop held in Chiang Rai successfuly finished. About 70 presentation was shown and more than 100 persons from SE Asian Nations and Japan attended. A set of 'recommendation' was made and it was confirmed as a 'will' of GAME-T2.

[2002 Sep.]
The New MOU (Memory of Understanding) was concluded between NRCT and Japan Subcomittee on GAME-T2. Ms. Wanasri, NRCT and Prof. Yasunari, Nagoya Univ. and Prof. Oki, RIHN,Japan has signed the document. The period of this MOU is from 2002 to March 2005.

[2002 Sep. 2]
Detailed program of "Advanced Seminar on hydrology, meteorology, climatology and water resources studies for Thailand" being held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok ,Nov. 1 is now published by the secretariat.

[2002 Aug. 31]
Detailed program of GAME-T international meeting held at Chiang Rai, Oct. 29-31 is published by the secretariat.

[2002 June 20]
What GAME-T revealed? A comprehensive review of GAME-T(1) achievement was published in 'GAME Newsletter' No.3 (2001 October Issue). Fortunately, you can read whole contents through WWW (PDF, 2.42MB). The content is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Land surface flux observation and modeling
  3. Investigation of diurnal cycle of precipitation using radar and numerial modeling
  4. Rawinsonde observation and analysis, and climatological description
  5. Hydrometeorological database for GAME-T : GAIN-T
  6. Hydrological modeling, regional atmospheric modeling and their coupling
  7. Workshops and publications
  8. Future perspective

[2002 June 11]
International Workshop on GAME-T2 will be held at Chian Rai, Thailand on Oct. 29-31, 2002. The first circular is available. See Forthcoming Meeting.