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MAHASRI: Meetings: 20100710 AMY 7th Workshop

The 7th AMY(2007-2012) Workshop will be held in Pune, India on July 10, 2010

The “Asian Monsoon Years (AMY 2007-2012)” Program is calling for its seventh workshop, AMY-7, which will be held at Pune, India on July 10, 2010. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) will be the host and local organizer for this meeting. Since the AMY program has been endorsed by the Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) as well as the WCRP core projects CLIVAR ( Climate Variability and Predictability) and GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiments), the AMY-7 is also co-organized by CLIVAR/AAMP and GEWEX/MAHASRI.

On behalf of the AMY Science Steering Committee (SSC), we invite you to participate in the Seventh AMY workshop. This workshop will be a kind of follow-up of the 1st Data Workshop held at Tokyo in June 2010 in order to promote our collaboration with Indian Scientific community. Keep in mind that the AMY is an integrated observation and modeling initiative that investigates the variability of the Asian monsoon with three cross-cutting themes: the ocean-land-atmosphere interaction, aerosol-monsoon interaction, and the multi-scale interaction. The program aims to improve physical parameterization schemes of numerical models, develop data assimilation for the coupled ocean-atmosphere-land system, and better understand the monsoon predictability and improve monsoon prediction on intraseasonal-to-interannual time scales. These objectives are fulfilled through coordination of the ongoing and planned field experiments and modeling projects in Asian monsoon regions.

In this forthcoming workshop, we plan to discuss the following major issues:

Those who would like to join this workshop, please contact Dr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay, the secretary general of this workshop (e-mail: mpartha at tropmet.res.in).

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