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2001 Workshop on GAME-T in Thailand
at the Royal Paradise Hotel, Phuket, Thailand
5th - 7th March 2001
(and GAME-AAN/Radiation WS, - 9th March)
Provisional Agenda

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--- Title of each speech is only tentative and subject to change. Titles of honor of speakers are omitted for oridinary presentators. ---

--- 'From' column represents the affiliation or nationality of the first speaker. ---

4th March 2001

18:30-- Group Transportation Available with the sign "GAME Workshop"

Information on transportation, accomodation and registration from Thailand committee is available via WWW.

19:00--21:00: Welcome Dinner

5th March 2001 A.M.

8:45--9:00: Opening Remarks by Ms.Wanasri and Prof.Musiake

9:00--10:40: Lecutres by Japanese Professors[1]

Chaired by : Mr.Tawiesith Damrak. Each 25+8 min. : total approx 100 min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
T. Oki and Y. Agata Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Monitoring, Data Archiving, Understanding, and Predicting Hydrometeorology in Asian Monsoon Region through GAME/GAME-Tropics
J. Matsumoto: Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Seasonal Changes of the Monsoon over Indochina
M.D. Yamanaka,
A. Watanabe and S. Ogino
Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change (FORSGC), Japan: Dynamic Meteorology and Climatology over South-East Asia: Intraseasonal and Interannual Variations

10:40--10:50: Tea Break

10:50--12:30: Lecutres by Japanese Professors[2]

Chaired by Prof. Dr. Kasem Chunkao. Each 25+8 min. : total approx 100 min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
T. Satomura: Kyoto Univ., Japan: Diurnal Variation of Precipitation over Thailand - Numerical Simulation and Data Analysis -
K. Kuraji: Tokyo Instutute of Technology, Japan: Altitudinal Rainfall Increase in Mae Chaem Watershed, Northern Thailand
N. Ohte: Kyoto Univ., Japan: Flux Observations in GAME-T (T.T.)

12:30--13:30: Lunch Time

5th March 2001 P.M.

13:30--15:35: "History and Future Plan Related to GAME-T" by Thailand Representatives

Chaired by Dr. Nobu OHTE. Each 20+5min. : total 125 min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
Dr. Kowit Punyatrong: Royal Forest Department (RFD): SuanPah Sirikit (H.M.King Project) and GAME-T
Mr. Twesith Damruk Thai Meteorological Department (TMD):  
Mr. Panya Polsan Royal Irrigation Department (RID):  
Mr.Warawut Khantiyanan Bureau of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation (BRRAA):  
Prof. Nipon Tangtham Kasetsart Univ (KU):  

15:35--15:50: Tea Break

15:50--17:10: Presentation by Guests from Other Countries.

Chaired by Prof. J. MATSUMOTO. Each 15+5min. : Total 80min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
Dr. Nguyen Van Thang Vietnam : The Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on Vietnam
Dr. Subramaniam Moten Malaysia : Rainfall Climatology of Malaysia
Ms. Seth Vannareth Cambodia : Climate in Cambodia (T.T.)
Dr. Tin Htun Myint Myanmar : Numerical Simulation of Orographic Offshore Precipitation in the Southwest Monsoon

17:10--17:25: Future Global Program

Speaker From Presentation Title
T. Koike Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Future Global Program Related to GAME-T

17:25--18:45: Discussion on Future Cooperation of Hydromet Studies between Asian Countries

Chaired by Prof. Taikan OKI. 80min.

18:45--: Welcome Reception Dinner

6th March 2001 A.M.

8:45--10:10: Hydrological Studies [1]

Chaired by Dr.Koichiro KURAJI. Each 11+6min. : Total 85min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
Nipon Tangtham KU, Thailand: An Investigation of ENSO Effects on Hydrometeorological Characteristics and Forest Fires in the ChaoPhraya River Basin
N. Nakane: Nat. Res. Inst. for Earth Sci. and Disaster Prevention, Japan: Regional Water Balance in Khwae Noi River Basin Based on 3 year Observation
W. Kim Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Effect of a Paddy Field to the Energy and Water Balance in Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand
Y. Hirabayashi Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Interactions between Soil Moisture and Precipitation over the Tropics
N.T.S. Wijesekera Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand: Use of Water Balance for Better Water Data Management and Analysis - A Case Study

10:10--10:20: Tea Break

10:20--11:28 Hydrological Studies [2]

Chaired by Dr. Utai Pisone. Each 11+6min. : Total 68min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
Tin Ketratanaborvorn EGAT, Thailand: Flood Study for Bang Lang Dam (Model & Analysis)
K. Dairaku: Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Rainfall Characteristics in a Tropical Mountainous Region, the Northern Part of Thailand
Prasert Angsurat: BRRAA, Thailand : Influencing Parameter on Characteristics of Atmospheric Water Resources over Main River Basins of Thailand
M. Koike and K. Yoshimura: Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Stable Istope Issues of Thailand, and A Catalogue of Hydrological Characteristics of Soils in Thailand

11:28-12:00: General Discussion on Hydrological Studies of GAME-T

Chaired by Mr.Thada Sukhapunaphandh and Dr.Koichiro KURAJI. 32min.

12:00--13:00: Lunch Time

6th March 2001 P.M.

13:00--15:16: Meteorological and Climatological Studies [1]

Chaired by Dr. Shinya OGINO. Each 11+6min. : Total 136min.
Speaker From Presentation Title
Muntana Briskvana TMD, Thailand: Implication of Climate Conditions over Southeast Asia
M. Kiguchi Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Onset of the Summer Monsoon in Indochina Peninsula
Kasindeth DangIntrawat: TMD, Thailand: Thailand Radar Network
K. Okumura and T. Satomura : Kyoto Univ., Japan: Statistical Analysis of Chiang Mai Radar Data
T. Nakaegawa JMA/MRI, Japan: Diurnal variation of the GPS Precipitable Water over Thailand
M. Satomura,
M. Fujita, T. Kato, T. Nakaegawa,
M. Iwakuni, M. Nishikori, M. Nishimura
Shizuoka Univ., Japan: Seasonal Change of Precipitable Water Vapor Estimated from GPS Data in Thailand
Somchai N. Chulalongkorn Univ, Thailand: Development of the Observatory for Atmospheric Radiation Research at Sri Samrong
Perapol Begkhuntod: Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: An Instantaneous Delineation of Rainfall using Split Window Data of GMS-5 S-VISSR compared with TRMM/PR and Rain Gauges

15:16--15:30: Tea Break

15:30--17:29: Meteorological and Climatological Studies [2]

Chaired by Mr. Warawut Khantiyanan. Each 11+6min. : Total 119min.
Speaker From Presentation Title
S. Ogino: Kobe Univ., Japan: Waves in the Lower Stratosphere over Thailand
S. Mori: FORSGC, Japan: Seasonal and Diurnal Variations of Convective Activity Observed by Boundary Layer Radar over West Sumatra, Indonesia
F. Kikuchi: Kobe Univ., Japan: Seasonal and Interannual Variations in the Troposphere over Indo-China Region
M. Murata: Kobe Univ., Japan: Convective Clouds in Sumatra Island during September-October 1998
N. Okamoto: Kobe Univ., Japan: Characterisics of Tropopause over Indonesia
Absornsuda Siripong The Linkage of Monthly Chl-a SST and Monsoon Winds of the Indian Ocean Using ADEOS/OCTS and NSCAT Data
P. Wu FORSGC, Japan: Regional and Continental Scale Hydrological Cycle Research Activities in FORSGC

17:29--18:00: General Discussion on Meteorology and Climatology of GAME-T.

Chaired by Mr.Warawut Khantiyanan and Dr.Shinya OGINO. 31min.

7th March 2001 A.M.

8:45--10:10: Remote Sensing and Large-Scale Land-Surface Studies

Chaired by Dr.Toshiyuki NAKAEGAWA. Each 12+6min. = Total 85min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
Suthasini Bhothisunthorn: KU, Thailand: Regional Distribution of Monthly Solar Radiation in Thailand
Somnimitr PunNanm: Department of Energy Development and Promotion, Thailand: A Simple Experimental Model for Estimating Actual Evapotranspiration using Climate Data
Somchai Baimuang: TMD, Thailand: Analysis of Agroclimatic Suitability for Rice and Sugarcane Using GIS and AVHRR Data in the NE Thailand
S. Matsuda,
S. Kanae and K. Nishida :
Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Vegetation Response to El Niño Event in Tropical Monsoon Zone
Sununtha Kingpaiboon: KhonKaen University, Thailand: Microwave Remote Sensing for Agricultural Land

10:10--10:20: Tea Break

10:20--12:02: Land Surface Flux Observation in Thailand [1]

Chaired by Prof.Nipon Tangtham. Each 11+6min. = Total 102min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
T. Giambelluca: Hawaii Univ., USA: Energy and Water Fluxes at Pan Khum Experimental Watershed, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
M.Toda, A.Higuchi, T.Hiyama and N.Ohte
Tsukuba Univ., Japan: Initial Findings from Boundary Layer Measurements at Central Part of Thailand
Chatchai Tantisirin: KU, Thailand: Seasonal Variation of CO2 and H2O Exchange at the Leaf Scale in Hill Evergreen Forest, Northern Thailand
N. Tanaka: Univ. of Tokyo, Japan: Rainfall Interception by Hill Evergreen Forest in Northern Thailand
Samakkee Booyawat: KU, Thailand: Activity and Preliminary Results of Meteorological Observation in Teak Plantation and Cassava Field for CEOP Project
N. Yoshifuji: Japan: Seasonal and Diurnal Variation of Sap Flow in Hill-evergreen Forest in Thailand

12:02--13:00: Lunch Time

7th March 2001 P.M.

13:00--13:34: Land Surface Flux Observation in Thailand [2]

Chaired by Prof.Nipon Tangtham. Each 11+6min. = Total 34min.

Speaker From Presentation Title
Piyapong Tongdeenong KU, Thailand: Comparison of Evapotranspiration among Various Types of landuse in Sukhothai Province
I. Kosaka Nihon Univ., Japan: Seasonal Variation of Leaf Area Index at the Kog-Ma Watershed

13:34--14:00: General Discussion of Flux Observation in GAME-T with GAME-AAN Members

Chaired by Prof.Nipon Tangtham and Prof.Masakazu SUZUKI. 26min.

14:00--: Closing Remarks: Dr. Utai Pisone

14:30--: Workshop on GAME-AAN/Radiation starts.
====>Agenda of GAME-AAN/Radiation Workshop

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