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Sonde Observation by Dr. Ogino

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This HTML resource is made for easy accessing to 'fltdat' dataset of Dr. Ogino's Sonde observation data archive . You can directly obtain all 'fltdat' data from here by using HTML-table user interface


Data Type DescriptionRawinsonde Observation Around Thailand
Type Boundary Layer Observation Data
Period Type-
HoldingInternational Data Resource
Process LevelLevel 2 (Station Data)
QC LevelQC 1?
Access LimitationFor any research purpose
  1. Pressure (mb)
  2. Air T (degC)
  3. Dewpoint (degC)
  4. RH (%)
  5. Geopotential Height (m)
  6. AZ and EL (deg)
  7. Wind Speed (knots)
  8. Wind Direction (deg)
  9. Elapsed Time (sec)
Spatial Range Point/Points/GridPoints
Location/ExtentSome sites in Thailand (see the table below)
Temporal Range Period From 1995 to 2000
IntervalData interval (during sonde flights) is 5 secs (?)
Time Difference (LT - UTC)+0700
Contact Person
(See the list of contact persons for detail)
Dr. Ogino, S., Kobe Univ., Japan
  • Temporal Range of dataset varies with sites. See the table below for detail.

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Data Archive (hyperlinks)

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  Chiang Mai Nong Khai Sukhothai Ubon Ratchathani Bangkok Phuket
  Data Data Remark Data Remark Data Data Data
1995                 Aug01-16
1996             May15-29    
      Aug24-Sep06 (note - Japanese)   Aug22-Sep06    
1997 Mar01-12     Feb28-Mar15 (note - Japanese) (log - partly Jpn) Mar01-15   Mar01-20
Aug24-31 Aug23-Sep07 (note -  Japanese)       Aug24-Sep07   Aug24-Sep07
1998             Apr15-Jun15 Apr18-Jun22 Apr15-May15(*)
May01-Jun15 May16-Jun18 (log - csv)       Aug15-Sep14 Aug15-Sep12  
Aug15-Sep15 Aug15-Sep15              
2000   Jan12-21              
Note:Phuket 1998 Apr : See ./PHUKET9804/readme.txt for some information on data missing.

Update Log

Nov., 5, 2002
Data for Ubon Ratchathani 1998 and Bangkok 1998 are added.
Oct. 12, 2001
First Publication

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