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Prof. Matsumoto, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan, has been collecting routine meteorological observation data from several countries in Asia. This dataset is one of his achievement. In Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), data from 29 stations are available for GAME-T community (some datasets are protected by password).


Data Type DescriptionWeather Observation in Taiwan Island
Type Routine Observation Data
Period TypeIncluding IOP
HoldingInternational Data Resource (IOP) / Institutional Holding (others)
Process LevelLevel 2 (Station Data)
QC Levelunknown (depend on Taiwan Staff's QC)
Access LimitationAny research purpose (1998) / Inside GAME-T Only (other years)
  1. Rainfall
  2. Temperature
  3. Dewpoint
  4. Pressure
  5. Wind Direction
  6. Wind Speed
  7. RH
  8. Sonde Data
Spatial Range Point/Points/GridPoints
Location/Extent29 Sites in Taiwan Island
Temporal Range Period From 1995 to 2002 (* see note below)
IntervalDaily (1995-2002 for Rainfall, 1997-2002 for Temperature), Hourly(1998 IOP, Rainall), 3-hourly (1997-2002, Pressure, Temperature, RH, Wind, Precipitation)
LT / UTCLT (* see note below)
Time Difference (LT - UTC)+0800
Contact Person
(See the list of contact persons for detail)
C.W.B. in Taiwan and Prof. Matsumoto, J., Japan
  • Currently only rainfall datasets are published in this dataset
  • Surface weather and sonde data : 1998 IOP only.
  • For time zone, GMT is used in souding data

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Data accesibility: 1998 data is opened to public. For other year's data, access limited only within GAME-T researchers (password protected). If you would like to use these datasets, please contact the DB Manager.

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