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Development and maintenance of the current version of the DBH model is conducted by Qiuhong Tang. The model is always under development with applications which address new problems and conditions. For information about the current release of the DBH model or to get the source code for beta versions of releases under development, please contact the model maker.

Distributed Biosphere-Hydrological Model System

The University of Tokyo

Distributed Biosphere-Hydrological (DBH) Model

DBH Model for Continental Scale River Basins

DBH model has been developed for representing the role of both topography and land cover characteristics in hydrological cycle. The model is designed for use in a continental scale river basin and coupling with atmospheric models.

Multidisciplinary developments have prompted hydrological simulation. These advances include the new insights into mass/heat flux in the Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer (SVAT) processes, progress in getting reliable land surface information from satellite remote sensing (RS), and developments of Geographic Information System (GIS) technique to extract topographic variables from digital elevation model (DEM). DBH is developed with the merging multidisciplinary advances. The main objectives include: extraction of hydrology related information from nontraditional datasets, development of a time-continuous distributed process-based land surface hydrological model accounting for the representations of the terrains, soil, vegetation, and hydrological response, model evaluation of the new generation model, and model application to evaluate the effects of human activity and natural climate variability on hydrology cycle.

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