CaMa-Flood v3.9: (early-release of CaMa v4)

Last Update: 25 Dec, 2019

v396 beta test for developper

General Information


The current version of CaMa-Flood v3.9.X is "early-adapter version" of the CaMa-Flood v4. CaMa-Flood v4 will be released after adequate bug-fix & benchmarking.

This webpage is for internal-development. Please do not share the URL until the public release of the CaMa-Flood v4

The latest development version is [CaMa-Flood v3.96a] (14May,2020)

Major update in v3.9 (compared to v3.6)

- Baseline topography is updated. Now it is based on MERIT Hydro (Yamazaki et al. 2019)
- FLOW upscaling algorithm is being updated (in prep)
- The model core dynamics is almost similar with the previsous version (v3.6). - More flexible code structure in model coupling.

Update in v3.96a

- Bug fix in test gosh script. Restart file name was not appropriately specified.
- Bug fix in ctrl_maps. Domain boundary judgement had aproblem.

Update in v3.96

- FLOW upscaling algorithm was largely revised.

Update in v3.95

- Significant change in model code structure for more flexible model coupling.

Update in v3.94

- Bug fix in floodplain elevation profile (removal of negative value in fldhgt & flddif)
- Source code structure was significantly modified for more flexible model couping.
- Sample scripts for "netCDF I/O" and "Forecast-like run with hourly input"


CaMa-Flood v3.9 is the test version, so do not redistribute any code/data to a third party.

CaMa-Flood (v4) will be distributed under the below licenses (still in discussion).
Model Package: The model package (containing basic code & data) will be distributed with CC-BY-NC 4.0 license.

Main Source Code: The basic codes for hydrodynamic calculation (source code in src/ lib/ mod/) will be distributed with Apache 2.0 license.
Advanced Code: The code for advanced application (source code in etc/) will be distributed with CC-BY-NC 4.0 license

Basic Maps: The basic river map (without 3sec & 15sec data) will be distributed with CC-BY 4.0 license.
Advanced Maps with 3sec & 15sec data: The advanced river map (with 3sec data) can be shared with a special agreement. Please contact to the developer.

Registration for Download

Download password is same as previous test version (v394,v395).

Please fill the Google Form to get an access to CaMa-Flood package.

or please contact to the developer (yamadai [at] if Google Form does not work well for you.

Code & Data

v3.9 Manual

The manual is still in preparation, but the tentative version is available: CaMa-Flood v3.96a Manual

CaMa-Flood package

The model package (with source code, basic map data, and sample input data) is available.

Download CaMa-Flood package v3.96a

CaMa-Flood river topography maps

The global river map based on MERIT Hydro is available at 15min, 6min, 5min, 3min, 1min resolutions. They contains river network map, river topography parameters, high-resolution topography data (1min).
- Global 15min map:glb_15min.tar.gz
- Global 6min map: glb_06min.tar.gz
- Global 5min map: glb_05min.tar.gz
- Global 3min map: glb_03min.tar.gz
- Global 1min map: glb_01min.tar.gz

The high-accuracy river map for Japan based on "J-FlwDir (Japan Flow Direction Map) is also available at 3min & 1min resolutions.
- Japan 3min map: jpn_03min.tar.gz
- Japan 1min map: jpn_01min.tar.gz