Xudong Zhou

Research Professor (研究员)
Ningbo University (宁波大学)
zhouxudong [at] nbu.edu.cn

From Jan. 2024 I have joined Ningbo University as a Research Professor. Please contact me if you are intestested in collaborations or master student positions in our group.

About Me

Dr. Xudong Zhou is now a Research Professor in the Institute of Ocean Engineering in Ningbo University, China. His research interest is Monitoring, Modelling and Modulating River Flow Dynamics. Dr. Zhou is a strong advocate of open science and collaborative research. He founded the Hydro90 Research platform, with more than 42,000 followers (as of Feb 2024).

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Full Publication List (peer-reviewed)

    <updated 2024.2.18>


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    [This paper describes a rubost and reliable method to correct river bathymetry (river depth) using remote sensed water altimetry data and in-situ river discharge measurement. Correction using rating-curve method can eliminate impact of errors in forcing inputs and attribute all errors/biases to model correction.]

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