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TRIP2: What Is TRIP 2

  1. Notice
  2. What is TRIP 2?
  3. Download TRIP2
  4. Install TRIP2
  5. Prepare the input runoff data
  6. Prepare the maps required by TRIP2
  7. Edit run script
  8. Launch simulation

TRIP is an acronym of "Total Runoff Integrating Pathways".

TRIP 2 is the latest version (version 2.0) of the TRIP model [Oki and Sud, 1998]. TRIP 2 can help to isolate the river basins, inter-basin translation of water through river channels, as well as collect and route runoff to the river mouth(s).

The main differences between TRIP 2 and TRIP can be listed in the following table:

Calculation Approachconstant velocityvariable velocity
Ground Water schemeNOYES
Spatial ResolutionFixFlexible
Resolution of Input Runoff and flow direction mapmust be the samecan be different
Extractability to run for a small region of interestNOYES
Required mapsflow direction map, river sequence mapflow direction map, river sequence map, elevation map
Output variablesRiver discharge [kg/s], river storage [kg]River discharge [kg/s], river storage [kg], river depth [m], river velocity [m/s], ground water storage [kg], manning coefficients [-], river width [m]
Parametersconstant velocity value, river meandering valueground water time delay constant, river meandering value
Input/Output formatbinarynetCDF

Reference: A paper of TRIP 2 is under construction and will be referred in this manual soon.

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