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Welcome to Thanh NGO-DUC's wiki page!

(photo by Tùng Lâm)

Engineer, Ecole Polytechnique (X98), France, 2001
Master, Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2002
Ph.D. in meteorology, Univ. of Paris VI, France, 2005

  • Advisors: K. Laval, J. Polcher, A. Cazenave

Post-Doctor, University of Tokyo, Japan, Oct.2005-Apr.2008

  • Advisors: T. Oki, S. Kanae

I am Thanh NGO-DUC (Ngô Đức Thành - in vietnamese). I am a researcher of the Vietnam National Hydro-Meteorological Service. I was a JSPS Post-Doctor fellow in the Oki/Kanae lab from Oct 2005 to Apr 2008. Thanks to all the lab members for the wonderful moments we spent together.

This personal website will not be updated and maintained from now on (April 2008). If you want to know where I am and what I'm doing, please visit me at:

My research interests are:

  • hydrologic cycle and its modelling
  • water resources management
  • climate change and its impact
  • global river routing model
  • land-atmosphere interaction
  • real-time flood forecasting
  • radar meteorology
  • etc.

List of publications

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Office: Aero Meteorological Observatory, Vietnam National Hydro-Meteorological Service 62 Nguyen Chi Thanh avenue, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Phone: -84-(0)4-8359460 (office) Email: @

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