GAME-T related images

Sun15N [at 15N] Sun35N [at 35N] Sun65N [at 65N] [NEW]
Elevation angle of the sun at a few latitude for a year and time. PostScript files for 15 N, 35 N, and 65 N, are available.

CMP-Rain [Log/Log] CMP-Rain [normal] [NEW]
A comparison of rainfall observation July through August, 1997 at Chiang Mai by ordinary raingauge and rain-rate estimated from raindrop size distribution by DISDROMETER. PostScript file is also available for logarithmic axises and normal axises.

A map of FY-2 elevation angle at each location. PostScript file is also available.

GMS elevation angle and the processing areas for GEWEX/GAME/GAME-T. PostScript file is also available.

Time Schedule of GAME-T/Chao Phraya, as of May 1997. PostScript file is also available.

Observing sites of GAME-T/Thailand. PostScript file is also available.

small map
Observing sites of GAME-T/Thailand/Chao Phraya River basin. Monochrome PostScript file is available, as well.

small map
The distribution of months with maximum monthly precipitation in GAME region.

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