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(This page is a tentative draft written by WikiSysop and not officially approved yet. It is subject to change.)

This is a site of MAHASRI (Monsoon Asian Hydro-Atmosphere Scientific Research and Predition Initiative).

The pages in this Wiki are part of MAHASRI activities unless explicitly noted otherwise. The membership of participants of MAHASRI is not limited. So we welcome you if you would like to contribute to MAHASRI by writing pages here. If you do not mean to participate in MAHASRI but to comment to it, please write in "discussion" section of the pages with your name.

The site is maintained by the Wiki system operator or "WikiSysop", actually a group of a few people who are assigned the task by the chairperson of MAHASRI. While MAHASRI respects the spirits of equal partnerships, the WikiSysop holds the rights to decide what should be included in the site and how they should be organized.

This is a site of science. We do expect that our science is relevant to the human society of the world. So we do not categorically exclude discussions about social matters. But we must avoid commercial advertisement or political campaigns here. Also, we may sometimes have to carefully choose expressions about politically sensitive matters in order to make participation from all over Asia possible.

Technically, modification of the site is possible by any registered users once logged in, though it is impossible by anonymous guests. In order to register, please choose the "log in" menu (upper right in the default display of the Wiki) and then "request one" and follow the menu. We need to review who you are, and then send you information with which you can log in.

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