Readme for real-time monitored Disdrometer data (1 minutes total)

(Our data can be used only for scientific/non-commercial/non-profitable purpose. If you want to use other purpose, please get the permission from us. If you publish some paper with using our data, please describe to acknowledge that the data become available through our web site.)

.txt: data of Disdrometer

The format of all data is as follows.

Year-month-day, time (hhmm; JST), n1 (total count of size-1 rain drop), n2 (same as n1 but for size-2),  n3, n4, n5,  n6,  n7,  n8,  n9,  n10,  n11,  n12,  n13,  n14,  n15,  n16,  n17,  n18,  n19,  n20,   Dmax (Max diameter of rain drop [mm]),  R (Rain rate [mm/h]), RA (Rain amount [mm]),  Wg (Liquid water content) [g/m^3],   Z  (Radar reflectivity factor) [dB], EF (Energy flux [J/(m^2 * h)]),  N0 (Number concentration of drops with diameter 0  [1/(m^3 * mm)]), Lambda (Slope [1/mm])

!!! Caution !!!

6/3 2004 10:00-15:00:  Missing data and noise due to the maintenance. Precipitation data is not real.   By S. Miyazaki


7/16-8/8 2004:  Missing data due to system trouble.  By S. Miyazaki


4 Mar 2004  8:45JST & 11:53 JST: Remove the snow on the sensor.   By S. Miyazaki



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