Readme for real-time monitored AWS data (10 minutes average)
(Our data can be used only for scientific/non-commercial/non-profitable purpose. If you want to use other purpose, please get the permission from us. If you publish some paper with using our data, please describe to acknowledge that the data become available through our web site.)

DOY (day of year).txt: data of AWS

The format of all data is as follows.

station-id, year, day of year, time (hhmm; JST), mean wind speed, mean wind direction, standard deviation of wind direction, maximum wind speed, hour of max. wind speed, min of max. wind speed, wind direction at the max. wind speed, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, precipitation, air pressure, box. temp., battery volt .

!!! Caution !!!

4/28 2004 13:40-18:00:  Check the accuracy of rain gauge. Precipitation data is not real.   By T. Koshida


5/25 2004 11:00-11:10: Change the program of data logger and tested rain gauge. Precipitation is not real.

Precipitation data from rain gauge before 5/25 2004 is quite smaller than real. Please look the data (Yotsuya-Taiyo-keiki-rain.txt) of rain gauge obtained at Taiyo-Keiki Co.,  Yotsuya in Tokyo where is about 5km south-west of IIS, instead of our data. By S. Miyazaki


6/3 2004 10:00-15:00:  Missing data due to the maintenance.  By S. Miyazaki


6/23 2004 16:00-16:30:  Adjusted the level of anemometer-vane and pyranometer. By S. Miyazaki


1/26 2006 14:00-15:00:  Replaced the fan of hygro-thermometer. (Probably it was broken in early January 2006) By S. Miyazaki

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