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John's mail

From President John Rodda to Chairs and VIPs of IAHS
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 06:00:26 -0500
Following recent discussions in Japan with Kuni, Pierre,
Andras and Arthur and with your agreement, I would like
to establish a Hydrology 2020 Working Group. The idea
would need to be agreed formally by the Bureau at Maastricht,
but I would hope that with your help, all the arrangements
could have been made in advance of Maastricht so that
the first meeting of the Group could take place there.
  The 2020 Group would follow the pattern established by
the Hydrology 2000 Working Group which was set up in Hamburg
and reported in Vancouver.  In this case I would see
the 2020 Group reporting at the Scientific Assembly in 2005.
IAHS Publication No 171 contains the report of the Hydrology
2000 Working Group, the membership, terms of reference and
other details. For the 2020 Group, I propose that each
Commission offers me the names of two young hydrologists
who are this year aged 35 or less, considering region and
gender in the choice. One of these two would be selected to
make a Group of nine members. UNESCO and WMO would probably
wish to add one name each and for chairman my choice is 
Professor Taikan Oki of Japan. I hope the Group could have
three meetings, including one in Sapporo, but conduct much
of its business by email.
If you ask why IAHS should have a Hydrology 2020 Working Group,
my answer would be that it is a valuable investment for the
future of hydrology and the Association. You only have to
look at the list of members of the 2000 Working Group to
see where they are now to realize this.  Although it would
not be essential, it might help if the old and new groups met.


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