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The 2001 GLASS panel meeting, Toulouse 7-9 November 2001

Participants : Aaron Boone, Paul Dirmeyer, Han Dolman, Paul Houser (over phone), Randy Koster (over phone), Bart Nijseen, Taikan Oki, Andy Pitman, Jan Polcher, Nicolas Viovy.

Nov. 07

[14:00] Jan Polcher

[14:10] PILPS-2e by Bart Nijseen

[15:38] Rhe-AGG by Aaron Boone

[16:40] Continue Rhe-AGG

[17:05] PILPS-C1 by Nicolas Viovy

Future PILPS experiments.

Finish at 18:00.

Nov. 08

[9:10] Some general information on the context of GLASS was given by Jan Polcher.

[9:30] A short revisit of the PILPS-C1 discussion :

[10:00] Overview of PILPS.

[10:35] GSWP 1.5 presentation by Taikan Oki.

[11:40] GSWP-2 by Paul Dirmeyer.

[12:25] Discussion of both GSWP experiments.

[14:10] Jan Polcher killing the time !

[14:50] Tele-conference with Randy Koster.

[16:40] Paul House came on the phone and discussed with those present the local-coupled action.

[17:00] General discussion of the local/coupled action.

Nov 09

[9:10] Revisit and continuation of the GMPP/GCSS request

[9:40] CLIVAR monsoon panel has sent a request for GLASS to help them in determining the role surface processes play in climate variability.

[10:00] The C4MIP project was briefly discussed.

[10:40] The ALMA action.

[11:20] Discussion of the implementation Plan.

[12:05] Review of the action items (see below)

Finish at 12:30.

Actions decided during the 2001 GLASS panel meeting

PILPS-C1 : The experimental plan needs to be finalized in accordance with the recommendations of the panel. Nicolas Viovy
What are the options for a PILPS exercise in a semi-arid or an arid region. Bart Nijseen
A letter needs to be sent to PILPS-2e and Rhe-AGG experiments to ask if they accept that their model output is archives by ALMA. Jan Polcher
GSWP1.5 will be organized and two objectives are set : 1) it should prepare the infrastructure for GSWP 2 2) it should pave the way for the validation of LSM (land surface model) with remote sensed data. An experimental plan will be submitted to the GLASS panel before the end of the year 2001. Taikan Oki
GSWP 2 will prepare its experimental plan and work with GSWP 1.5 for preparing the infrastructure. A workshop will be held at the end of 2002 to finalize the GSWP 2 experimental plan. Paul Dirmeyer
The more academic experiment (labeled exp2 during the meeting and described in a recent paper by Koster et al.) with GCMs proposed in the global coupled action should start soon. An experimental plan should be finalized and distributed. Randy Koster
We need to prepare the poor man's LDAS experiment proposed in the global coupled action on a broader basis. It is of more general interest that just the LSM community and it should be carried out in close collaboration with GSWP and AMIP. Randy Koster, Jan Polcher
Activities in the local coupled action need to be launched with a workshop in the spring of next year. The aim of the workshop will be to review current activities in the field and recommend an experimental set-up for models which can be used to test the surface atmosphere interactions. Paul Houser and Bart Van den Hurk.
What can be done to test surface/atmosphere interactions with regional models ? Roni Avissar
We need to contact Chris Milly to see if his new model, the description of which is currently being published, could serve as a baseline model for the community and be recommended to GCSS and other GMPP projects. Jan Polcher, Andy Pitman and Paul Dirmeyer
Is there a possibility that GAME-tropic has produced data which could be used for a PILPS type experiment ? Taikan Oki
We have to take up contact with Peter Cox to see how best C4MIP an be represented on the GLASS panel and how the link with GAIM/IGBP can be maintained. In view of the expertise available at the Hadley Centre somebody from the Haldey Centre should be on the GLASS panel. Jan Polcher
Version 3 of the ALMA data exchange convention needs to be written. This is only an incremental change from version 2 and corrects bugs found and enhancements needed for PILPS-C1. Jan Polcher
Forcing data from previous experiments need to be assembled in one central location. In some cases the data needs to be tracked down. This effort will be followed later by the output data from the inter-comparisons since PILPS-2e. Taikan Oki with help from Andy Pitman
A convention is also needed for the ancillary data used by land-surface schemes in the various inter-comparison. This effort should be done in collaboration with ISLSCP. Paul Dirmeyer
The implementation plan needs to be finalized in some way. The proposal is to read through it correct it where needed and put it on the web. It will not have the quality of a printed document but will nevertheless constitute an important description of GLASS. Then it will be thinned out to make it suitable for publication in an appropriate journal. Jan Polcher and Andy Pitman
Minutes of 2001 GLASS panel meeting. Taikan Oki
Next GLASS panel meeting at COLA. Paul Dirmeyer

Feedback to Taikan Oki ( taikan@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp) will be highly appreciated.
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